Adventures in dating mandy

Marty hails from the Pacific Northwest; a fact that he makes known within the first 10 seconds of conversation.

Marty has been involved in many adventures with both Andrew and Mandy down in Houston, Texas.

Brandon met Mandy shortly after she was born on that dark and depressing day in July.

He claims she took all the attention away from him - something that he holds over her head to this very day.

The cars are air conditioned and handicapped accessible.

Andrew was always jealous of Megan's popularity and her ability to eat entire portions of fettuccine alfredo.

Deep down they love each other, unless of course they are both eating at a restaurant called "Fortune House" in which case they are immediately forced to argue and make a scene.

Chelsea and Mandy met at Michigan State University where they were roommates for two years.

They quickly bonded over Michigan State sports, reality TV, and love for a cold beverage (or 4).

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