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There are exceptions, of course — a casual browse of the Buzz feed reveals a few users who have obviously become friends (or at least acquaintances) through the service, but as usual for this type of experience a lot of posts simply consist of pouting teenage girls and one-word comments from men regarding their appearance. In short, then, while Skout is a competent social networking app, its focus on monetization rather than socialization negatively impacts the experience — users are far better off using one of the many completely free mobile-social networks to engage with people who share their particular interests. Users may sign up either using Facebook or their email address, and must then populate their profile with basic information including whether they are interested in men or women — this helps customize the experience by only displaying other people the user might be interested in.Skout’s main screen simply shows a grid view of people who are online at that time.It’s also possible to leave comments or likes on their last few posts directly from their profile.Opening the drawer on the left of the app reveals a number of alternative means to browse the network.

Points may be spent on a variety of purposes ranging from viewing who checked out your profile to sending gifts to others. The social discovery service, founded in 2005 to connect users on mobile devices, has posted better-than-anticipated financial results for the second quarter of 2016.The company also announced plans to acquire Skout, a leading global mobile network for meeting new people.After 40 seconds, the profiles of the chatters will be revealed to one another.The mobile app interface is smooth and intuitive which makes looking for someone much easier and fun.

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