Who is dating with whom

He explains: “Chances are, when you look at your boyfriend, you probably think about how he measures up as a boyfriend.But have you given any thought as to how he’ll measure up as a husband?A kind person listens “to another with an open heart and mind,” he says.

He urges readers to be careful about the things they shrug off during this time before they marry, since “it might not be so easy to shrug them off in your marriage.” He also counsels engaged couples “to distinguish between pre-wedding jitters and a real solid fear about your partner.” “Whom Not to Marry” contains many cautionary considerations when it comes to marriage, but I did not find it a negative book.

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He believes a red flag is raised when an engaged woman feels called upon repeatedly “to make excuses for someone or rationalize his behavior.” Father Connor, a New Jersey Catholic priest born in Australia, has counseled married couples and helped prepare engaged couples for marriage over the course of more than 40 years.

“Never marry a man who tries to control you,” Father Pat Connor advises women in “Whom Not to Marry.” It is his considered judgment that a man’s “suitability as a marriage partner is nil if he tries to control everything his fiancée does and everyone she sees.” Furthermore, “don’t marry a selfish person,” and “make sure your partner is willing to make the sacrifices he is asking of you,” Father Connor writes.

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